An intro to ITR Academy

With a passion to deliver business and employability courses that present industry knowledge that inspires and motivates, the ITR Academy supports organisations, business teams and professionals to reach their potential. Delivered in engaging workshops, either at your company offices or in the dynamics of corporate events - and structured into modules that incorporate best practice, general knowledge, with real-life experiences and situations. And with the right amount of fun thrown in, just for good measure.

To influence change, topics are delivered with an impact that encourages better solutions. We believe that every business needs to review operational standards in order to challenge cultural beliefs that disable poor performance.

To energise every delegates natural ambition with clear and simple messages that create goals and emphasis enthusiasm. Our ambition is to leave delegates questioning how great could they really be?

Whether to inspire your team or productively up-skill your invested talents, all courses are interactive and creative, and delivered with an enthusiasm that demonstrates we are what we preach. Most will review their experience as if being surprised by a well-kept secret. Secrets that empower leadership, and position your clients to become fans, and turn employees into followers. The ITR Academy presents unique principles that will revalue potential, and engage a world of realistic opportunities. Discover incredible, be impressive, see what all the fuss is about.

About ITR Academy

With an extensive background in the setup and operation of Businesses in Australia and across the UK, the ITR Academy has been purposefully created from a foundation of real-life experiences and events. Our training methods have been incorporated from over a decade in the design and delivery of workshops across the UK to people from all walks of life, and through a huge range of industries, business models, Government institutions and Community organisations.

We believe this combination of practical experience in business and training are the catalysts for your model of success, and the reveal in every presentation. From contract management of Government Welfare to Work Projects, where diversity works hand-in-hand with entrenched belief systems, to the delivery of Employability, Business and Soft Skills Programmes, all our courses are designed from an exposure to the needs and demands of diverse audiences.

Incorporating professional expertise from disciplines that include Team Sales and Telesales, Business Management, Hospitality Operations, Project Management, National Business Development, Regional Marketing and Promotions, Training Companies and Government , as well as the event and exhibition industries protocols of Telephone Skills, Customer Service and Teamwork. The result is a suite of innovative and bespoke lessons, delivered with impact and fun, and above all else, totally unique and results driven.

Business Course Summary

Leadership/Management Course

A six week programme whereby you guide your managers 1-to-1 through a unique work book. Each week you meet for an hour to discuss issues and position tasks to be completed. This workbook is a guide to establish communication, from an action based leadership. It includes a selection of five assignments for the managers to work on.

Advanced Professional Dynamics

With the evolution of people skills and the science of professional skills comes a remarkable edition to the ITR Academy - Emotional Intelligence an Advanced Course in Professional Dynamics. With the capacity to think on reactions, this course delves into the junctions between cause and effect. Understanding ourselves and the emotional triggers that can hijack and derail relationships, this topic is designed to heighten our awareness. To stop and make us think. If awareness is heightened, we raise knowledge to a cautious level. With caution comes prevention and then open mindfulness. Our ability through practise is to strengthen, and control our reactions. How great could you really be?

Advanced Frameworks in Customer Service

Designed from a foundation of successful business operations in complex service environments, advanced frameworks is focused on understanding the psychology of people in a series of unique modules. An insight in client expectations, and how to exceed them. Preconceived ideas of service are too often systematic and merely taught as an act of process. We focus on client and product in the philosophy that every client is a great opportunity to promote and build a ‘fan-base’. Real ideas for a real world are an opportunity for business to represent something impressive and thereby raise the value of the brand. We put customer service in a new dimension, one that empowers representatives to exceed expectations.

Advanced Techniques in Project Management

The core modules are designed to present a knowledge that focuses on the importance of Risks and in searching out the right questions. Incorporating a full range of charts and tables for closer examination, the aim is to reiterate the strength of communication required to seek out the detail, and impress a management hub with a better attitude for effective planning. This is the opportunity for you to review current processes and investigate methods to suit your management style and distinctive process. The method and methodology.

Advanced Principles of Time Management

Knowing the clock is ticking, persistent and unrelenting, and the stresses and pressures that this knowledge brings can be debilitating and often diversionary. This course sets out to challenge a fresh approach by presenting better principles of managing time, starting with the focus of managing oneself. To challenge the misbelief that we are governed by the clock, and to construct a better opinion that time must therefore be made to work for us. That it can mark accomplishment with satisfaction. Our unique presentation of Time Management will look at the potholes that set out to derail us, and offer real [time] solutions for you to adapt to suit your environment.

Foundation in Key Account Management

From a wealth of experience in managing client accounts and sales targets, this course is designed to encourage better methods for improving sales by building relationships. Understanding the professional attitude is paramount to maximise every approach and generate a sincere willingness to exceed expectations and support client success. When we strive to think from our client’s perspective we have a unique opportunity to add value and strengthen market share. The way of the future may well be the internet landscape of slick selling systems and instant purchase. With the needs of the consumer switching to monthly payments and streamlined processes for selection and delivery, the way forward in other sectors will be our ability to reinforce long-term relationships and business models that anticipate client wants and needs.

Professional Skills

Have you speculated with various improvisations in an effort to transform your professional team into that one dynamic unit, with one common purpose? Have you imagined the team that you know you deserve?

Welcome to the flagship course of the ITR Academy, Professional Skills, a straightforward skill set presented in a clear, inspirational format designed to present better opportunity as a team from the catalyst of individuals. This course has one aim - to make a substantial difference to the attitude of individuals, to build teams and to reenergise your key managers.

Delivered from a wide range of experiences balanced nicely with a street-wise philosophy and plain-spoken psychology aimed at modern life, our professional skills course is one of the most remarkable presentations that we have.

Either as a short half day course or blended into other key modules such as Customer Service or Key Account Management, this course is designed to inspire, motivate, enthuse and encourage and offers a series of three key principles in which to define Professionals focus. This course structure could very well build your company mission statement, even your vision and ethos.

What our clients say

"Graham King is a million sunbeams concentrated into one human being that energises business environments where he is present. A fantastic, A+++ trainer that leaves mouths agape from the first minute to the last in his spectacular, energising, thought provoking and stimulating training sessions. I write with all sincerity that his self-created “Professional Skills” course, honed over several years of working with unemployed people in the UK, is the finest training session available today for almost any type of employee in all sectors. It is a course that even the most curmudgeonly of employees cannot fail to exalt. His customer service course is also exceptional, and his personal training and improvement framework, H.A.L.O. has been something of a revelation at ITR. In this grey world of un-ironed shirts, bland ties, light brown desks, brown shoes and grumpy early morning starts, Graham’s light burns brightly indeed - and the working environment and future careers of 70 or so people is so much better for it. A class act."

James Welch
Chief Innovator, The Innovation Company

"I attended one of Graham’s training courses recently and it was two of the best hours of my professional career. I walked away feeling motivated, positive and completely refreshed. He has such a positive attitude and it’s impossible for it to not affect you. Graham opens your eyes to things you may already know but he communicates them in such a way that he makes you realise how to improve so many different processes and the way to work with your team. He has changed the way I deal with situations in my working environment and I feel more organised and motivated. He is an all round lovely person and I hope to attend more of his courses in the future."

Grace Nolan
Project Manager, Mobedia

"I recently attended one of Graham’s courses and I was fully engaged from start to finish with his enthusiastic and friendly approach and the course itself was great fun too. I left feeling really motivated and full of ideas of how I could do things differently. It really opened my eyes as to how our actions can have such positive outcomes and I could see the impact it had on my colleagues too. My word of the day is now Yahoo. Would highly recommend the course to other companies and looking forward to working with Graham again on what other courses could benefit us all at APT."

Charlotte Gardner
Spectrum Manager, APT

"Graham far exceeded our expectations and has been invited back on many occasions to run workshops/training sessions for us. He truly is an expert in his field. Grahams sessions were professional but fun at the same time and staff were engaged throughout! I have attended a couple of these sessions and as a trainer myself I have learned so much from him."

Jenny Fantom
Learning Specialist, NPower

"Would just like to take a moment to mention a gentleman who was in charge of my training, a trainer course Mr. Graham King, a fantastic human being, very inspiring, full of wise words and great knowledge. I spent the whole day glued to what this man had to say, a level above any lecturer I’ve ever had previously, kept the whole group involved and interested, a great character. To top it off he had me leaving that room asking myself “How good could I be” (with in a workplace and life itself) . Once again a big thank you to you Graham."

Aaron Sabey
Workshop Supervisor, LC Services Ltd

"I attended the Management Development Project course with Graham King. Graham is the best trainer I have come across (and I have been on a lot of training in the past 12 months) he has a really unique way of engaging you and his delivery ensures that his information sinks in and really sticks. I would recommend Graham to anyone as a trainer."

Lisa Hough
Head of Support Services, Fourteen IP

"Graham was engaged to provide a day of management training at Fourteen IP. Not only did Graham deliver this training brilliantly, he brought his infectious professionalism to the group. The day we had with Graham flew by. We all learned as required but importantly Graham had us on the edge of our seats. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham.."

Kevin Burgess
Chief Technical Officer, Fourteen IP

Course Index

Project Management
2 courses available

  • Setting up for Success
  • Managing Productive Teams

Sales Skills
4 courses available

  • Telesales
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Key Account Management
  • Successful Skills in Sales

Presentation Skills
2 courses available

  • Presenting with Confidence
  • Presentation Skills Fast Track

Professional Development
6 courses available

  • Assertiveness in the Right Way
  • Influencing Skills
  • Time Management
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Customer Service

5 courses available

  • Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Fundamental Skills for the New Supervisor
  • Key Management Skills
  • Managing Change
  • Coaching Skills

Training & Train the Trainer

  • Training & Train the Trainer
  • HALO (a TNA to regularly support business)

Train the Trainer (Fast track)

  • Employability Courses
  • Job Search and Networking
  • CV building and Professional Marketing
  • Interview Techniques and Professional Skills


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