94% of our customers, when asked, didn't know how many people had visited their last exhibition or how many passed by.

Using our discrete Standalytics 'sentinel' technology, we create a virtual perimeter that matches the dimensions of your stand, and create another perimeter that matches the walkways around your stand.

We then collect data from both of these perimeters, allowing us to know who has visited your stand throughout the duration of an event.

This technology allows us to show which part of your stand is the most popular or engaging, allowing you to gain an insight on your customers interests.

What does the data tell me?

Our data is simple but crucial

We provide a full breakdown of data in a very simple to use format. Aiming to help you make crucial business decisions, data is presented in various charts and tables that can be understood by the C Suite and technical staff alike.

Tracking the performance of visitors at exhibitions and product launches has never been so easy and useful.

How it works?

Space Only Stands

Space Only Stands are where this solution comes to life. If you are featuring a range of different products on your stand, we can strategically position a number of sentinels and then traffic around the sentinel will show which area on the stand was most popular.

This is a clients Space Only Stand plan with key feature areas/products where the client would like traffic monitoring to each area.

They wanted to see which products were more popular than others, which areas of the stand attracted attention and which areas kept people attracted for longer.

Confirming the location of the sentinels and how we would identify and report back information for the areas on the stand.

Each of the devices would be located in the open roof section so it can be easily implemented, monitored and removed.

Multiple sensors on stands create heat maps which can highlight the busy areas and at what times of the day they were busy.

The heatmap evolves and moves over time showing the movement throughout the event.

How does Standalytics make you money?

Guesswork should be for the competition

Whether creating stand designs for clients, or as an exhibitor who wants greater brand awareness, using data needs to pay off.

The answer is accurate predictions. It is extremely advantageous to know how many people have both attended and walked by a stand or feature. It is industry and thought leading to correctly predict stand features and event layouts that have great impact.

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